Managed Security for Agile teams

Start to deliver quality secure products at speed, today.


I make security testing agile by bringing it inline with your sprints. Not just once a year.


I prevent and identify security defects early to save you time and to reduce rework costs.


I am a team of leading appsec experts, supporting your team. Not the umpteenth tool.


I measure security progress and provide insight to satisfy your stakeholders.

Meet the new security expert on your team

Hi, I am a passionate application security expert with over 100 years of experience.

I have reviewed millions of lines of code in any language. I helped teams to secure thousands of mission critical applications and dealt with the weirdest flaws you can imagine. But, also had the privilege to see tons of beautiful, flawless code too!

All this experience skilled me to recognize security bugs fast and to fix and prevent them efficiently.

It's my passion to support development teams, to continuously guard the security quality of all the things they build and to make them security smarter on the go. So they can focus on shipping great products,
fast, and responsibly!

Who i work with

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Dev team

    • Appsec specialist on your team
    • Strong development background
    • Continuously guard security quality
    • Fast and positive security feedback
    • Actionable (code) recommendations
    • We set up targeted automation
    • Unburden your team on security

Product owner

    • Catch and prevent defects early
    • Prevent last-minute surprises & rework
    • Security assurance of all agile releases
    • Balance security and speed (prioritize)
    • Predictable cost structure
    • In control of security quality

Security Officer

    • Real time insight in security status
    • Security assurance of all agile releases
    • Security decision making (go/no-go)
    • Measure and improve overall security
    • Comply with security quality standards
    • Demonstrate security to stakeholders
    • Strong risk based security testing

Your client

    • Deliver quality security products
    • Demonstrate security quality
    • Independent security testing
    • Secure by design development (SDLC)
    • Answer external security questions

Measure. Improve. Demonstrate.

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    • Actual threatmodel of your product
    • Real time insight in security status
    • Track security performance indicators
    • Knowledge base of flaws and fixes
    • Fully managed by our expert team

Our big hairy goal

We want to make it easy for development teams of any size to have direct access to the security expertise needed to deliver demonstrably secure products, without compromising on innovation power, agility and speed.

Learn more about our mission
a client case

Delivering beers from all over the world. is a large online beer platform delivering over 600 beers from all over the world. They grow rapidly with platforms that are under heavy continuous development. We support their teams to ship quality secure software, fast and continuously. So they can keep innovating with confidence to deliver awesome new features fast. And stay leading in getting the world's best beers at your doorstep, responsibly.
We work with many development teams at large corporations as well as SMEs, offering support contract that match their product size, risk profile and team velocity.
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David Vaartjes
Director Agile Security
Tel: 06-22746291

“David has a strong background in application security. Before launching Securify he worked as a software security specialist within the internet banking teams of a large Dutch bank. It is his passion to help agile teams to ship quality secure products efficiently, without compromising on innovation power and speed.”