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Agile Security Testing

In Agile there is no time for extensive security testing at the end. Ideally, you want to ship your code right after the sprint. In collaboration with a Dutch bank, we designed an Agile / Continuous Security Testing service to integrate security into the sprints. Resulting in more secure (by design) software, better security, better awareness and no last-minute surprises!

Managed Security for Agile & DevOps Teams.

Security sign-off during your sprints. Secure by design Software. Minimal delays. No last-minute surprises. Improve awareness.

Our team currently supports over 20 Agile development teams all over the Netherlands at organizations big and small. Are you also ready for modern application security?

  • Early feedback on security issues.
  • Improve developer security awareness.
  • Preventing instead of fixing.
  • Sprint level security sign-off.
  • No need for big final pentests.
  • No last minute surprises.
  • Security integrated into your process.
  • Automating the automatable
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