Red teamingSimulate real attacks

  • Stage a real attack

    We attack your organisation, while you try to defend & mitigate.

  • Measure capabilities

    Evaluate your detection & response capabilities.

  • Increase resilience

    Learn from a simulated attack to minimise real damage from a real attack.

  • Invest strategically

    Ground your security investments with evidence and real numbers.

Our team

We stage a planned (cyber) attack on your organisation while recording every step.

Your team

You try to detect & mitigate the incoming attack.

A serious game

So you think your code, product & infrastructure are rock solid? Now it’s time to test how your organisation, your people and your processes deal with a real cyber threat.

Red Teaming is the ultimate test for organisations that have already developed a base maturity level in their security. By measuring how you react to a real attack, you can further ramp up your resilience and base your security investments on real insights & numbers instead of gut feeling and assumptions.

Meet your opponent

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned & highly motivated professionals will stretch you to your limits to detect & mitigate the incoming attack.

Our typical team looks like this:

  • Team lead
  • Whitehat burglar
  • Social engineer
  • Windows & AD guru
  • Monitoring specialist
  • Malware expert

Your red teaming options

Based on level of sophistication.

  • Low - medium attacks

    Fully Tiber NL/EU aligned

    Entry-level attacks based on popular techniques that are relevant to your business.

  • Medium - high attacks

    Fully Tiber NL/EU aligned

    Highly sophisticated & custom attacks that are nearly impossible to defend against.

Fair play

Winning the Red Teaming exercise is not our goal. We want to provide you with as many actionable insights as possible. Immediately after starting the attack, we keep you up to date and support you in your decision-making process.

The best lessons are learned when you operate just outside your comfort zone. Once we notice that you can successfully prevent, detect and respond to basic attacks, we slowly ramp up our sophistication level and stretch you to your limits.

We ♥ Metrics

Our Red Teaming approach is based on the Unified Kill Chain (UKC), a science-driven real world attack model that goes beyond the initial foothold phase and also takes network propagation and action on objectives into account.

By combining UKC metrics with Mitre ATT&CK framework, we can generate a powerful number-driven overview of your organisation has performed during the Red Teaming exercise.

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