About Securify

Securify is a Dutch software security company, founded by former employees of ABN AMRO, Delta Lloyd and Rabobank.

We are passionate about, and fully dedicated to software security testing and the concept of build security in.

We have carefully brought together a team of leading software security specialists with broad and deep expertise in the area of web, desktop and mobile application security testing.

Together we reshaped traditional security testing and designed an efficient and high quality testing and improvement methodology. A method based on a balanced mix of risk based testing, threat modeling, code reviews and activities to increase security awareness throughout the process.

With this method and over a decade of experience, we can identify your security flaws fast and show you how to fix and prevent them efficiently.

Our experience has taught us that without having security properly build into the development process, traditional security tests will keep causing last minute surprises, and show you the same type of defects over and over again in consecutive tests.

To put an end to this, we also help companies to build security into the (Agile) development process, thereby increasing quality and save costs.

Private security research done by our team members uncovered critical flaws in software from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Citrix, Amazon, Cisco, Oracle, WebSense and Akamai. Resulting in security updates to protect millions of people all around the globe.