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We are securify

We help clients to design, develop and run secure software

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Securing each stage of the development process

Our services cover the full software development life cycle. From requirements to release.
All optimized to catch and prevent issues early, while still easy and cheap to fix.

  • Requirements & Design

    With Threat Modeling and Design Reviews we identify design flaws, and list threats and needed security measures for the application you are building.

  • Development

    With a Code Review we inspect your code to identify any security issues and to evaluate its overall security level. Start with this early in your build phase.

  • Test & Release

    With a Security Test / Review we perform an in-depth examination of your full (running) application to identify any security defects and missing security measures.

We secure apps and sites used by millions of people every day

With over a decade of experience, we recognise flaws fast and know how to fix and prevent them efficiently

We tested hundreds of apps, portals, sites services and everything else you can think off

Staying ahead through leading security research

Our research revealed critical vulnerabilities in many well know products
Resulting in security updates for hundred of millions of users all around the globe

  • adobe
  • amazon
  • apache
  • apple
  • cisco
  • citrix
  • microsoft
  • oracle
  • pinterest
  • viber
  • websense
  • wordpress

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Who we are

We are a young, passionate team of software security people. On a mission to help others to build secure software.