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Our Services.

  • Security Code Reviews

    The most accurate and efficient way to identify vulnerabilities. Our team reviews millions of lines of code each year, revealing tons of security defects.

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    Penetration Testing

    Our highly-experienced application security experts combine manual testing with open and commercial tools to deliver high-quality security assessments.

  • Mobile Penetration Testing

    We test and secure apps since the first banking apps were built. We know every little detail of the latest emerging threats and defenses in modern apps.

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    Red Teaming

    Our highly experienced multidiscipline RED team performs a coordinated attack on your organization's digital, social and physical security. Analysing your detection and response capabilities (the Blue Team).

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    Agile Security Testing

    Security bugs can enter your software at any time. We help you to catch and prevent them early on by integrating security testing into your sprints.

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    CI / CD Security Testing

    We integrate automated security testing into your software delivery pipeline and optimize it for your targets using open source tooling such as OWASP ZAP.

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    Security Awareness

    We provide technical application security workshops with client-specific content specifically tailored to your threats and technologies.

  • Banking Malware Detection

    CSD provides protection against Web and Android based (banking) malware.

Red Teaming

In Red Teaming, Securify uses all means necessary (software vulnerabilities, social engineering and more) in a coordinated attack oriented towards your organization's systems and infrastructure. We employ the tools that bad guys might leverage to compromise your digital assets!
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Security for Agile / DevOps Teams.

Security sign-off during your sprints. Secure Software. Minimal delays. No last-minute surprises. Great awareness.

Our Latest Security Advisories


Authentication bypass in Kaseya VSA

Kin Hung Cheng, Robert Hartshorn, May 2017

About us

Securify was founded by security experts from ABN-AMRO, Delta Lloyd and Rabobank. We all share a clear vision about what organizations need to build highly secure web and mobile applications with minimal delays and security built-in from the start. In 2012 we decided to create and launch Securify to transform this vision into proactive application security testing and improvement services, optimized for Agile environments. We are a team of passionate ethical hackers, secure coding experts and security researchers.

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