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The security of your ICT-infrastructure is a specialist job. We at Securify think, understand, work and live like real hackers, supporting you from this perspective in your ongoing battle against cybercrime. Based on that knowledge and experience we believe that prevention is always better than to cure.

Over the years we have become prevention-specialists and developed a unique risk-based approach based on continuous reality checks that do not compromise on speed or progress. Together, we create and implement a prevention roadmap, enabling you to ramp up your resilience on a code-, app-, infra- and organizational level.

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Building resilience

In today’s world, your organization has an ever-growing online presence and more and more data to protect. Staying in control of your security is a growing challenge. Your products and services change continuously due to incoming customer feedback and a requesting market. Security tends to lag behind or even block progress.

The key to gaining control in security is building up resilience against cyber threats, without compromising on speed or progress.

So that you can continue to grow your business in a safe and responsible way.

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How we do it

We believe that continuous reality checks are needed to understand your real-world risks, in order to act appropriately. Risks impact organizations differently, allowing us to provide you with a tailored solution. Knowing your business best, we will create a prevention roadmap together. Time is money, so we focus on what really matters for your business: exposing vulnerabilities and showing relevant abuse scenarios and other points for improvement.

Securify has been a partner and a strong extension to our CISO team for years. It all revolves around skill in our field, something Securify has plentiful. We are proud to be involved in their growth!

Dr. Martijn Dekker, CISO ABN AMRO Bank

Serving your customers

Creating a great online experience for your customers is the result of many small actions and changes by individual employees. By writing code, applications are created, running on an infrastructure, delivering the product or service you envision to empower your organization.

Write code, Build product, Run on infra, Empower org

At each of these four pillars, security risks can be introduced. Without a proper security testing strategy in place, these risks will stack over time and expose serious business risks to your organization. By making resilience an important focus point at each of these individual pillars, you can increase your overall resilience against threats.

Our services

Our approach is very cyclic en actionable, based on continuous measuringand agile best practices. Dependingon yourever-changing situationand wishes, wecandecideto emphasize oneofthe four pillars (code/app/infra/org) by deployingspecific activities & services.

  • Code editor

    Agile Security

    Test your code and app

    Continuous code reviews for your agile dev team.

    Agile Security ➤
  • Code review

    Code Review

    Read the code

    Code review for your application.

    Code review ➤
  • Archery target


    Test your app and infra

    One-off reality check of your production setup.

    Learn more
  • Scenario based pentest

    Scenario Based Pentest

    Test a scenario

    Extensive Scenario Based Pentest based on a relevant scenario that fits your organization.

    Scenario based ➤
  • Shark

    Red Teaming

    Test your infa and org

    Organizational reality check by simulating real attacks.

    Red Teaming ➤
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Humans as a Service

We at Securify think, understand, work and live like real hackers. Supporting you from this perspective in your ongoing battle against cybercrime. Our seasoned professionals have 100+ years of joint security experience and together they have supported 100+ organizations and performed 1000+ code reviews and pentests, from straightforward to highly sophisticated.

Our team consists of social engineers, hackers, detection specialists, malware experts, Windows & AD gurus and security researchers.


Actionable & Inspiring

We want to enable you to build in-house knowledge by continuously explaining the why. Only then true self-motivated change can take place. Thoughts, words & reports do not make the difference, only actions do. We strive to present our findings as actionable as possible, for example by integrating with your ticketing system. This way, improving your security is only one step away.

Because we want you to safely use and enjoy the full potential of the Internet.

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