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Code review
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    Clear and deep code analysis to get to the core of the problem.

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    Catch security defects early to save time and rework costs

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    A flexible team of security experts at your finger tips

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    Full integration with Git, Jira, Azure DevOps.

Our core business

During a Code Review, Securify's experienced specialists check your code for security vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Security Code Reviews and white box penetration testing are Securify's core business. Our team of software security specialists has extensive experience with almost all contemporary programming languages and frameworks. Much of our Source Code Reviews today focuses on web and mobile applications developed in Java, C#, JS, PHP, Swift, Python, Ruby and Go.

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Security vulnerabilities effectively made visible

Security Code Reviews en white-box penetratietesten zijn onze core-business. Met meer dan honderd security code reviews per jaar voor organisaties in uiteenlopende sectoren heeft ons team uitgebreide ervaring met nagenoeg alle populaire talen en frameworks. Een groot deel van onze Source Code Reviews richt zich op Java, .NET, Javascript (Node), PHP, Swift, Python en Ruby.

A Source Code Review is the most effective approach to gain a good insight into the security vulnerabilities and points of attention within your application.

David Vaartjes, Co-founder of Securify
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Why a source code review?

A source code review is the most efficient way to identify vulnerabilities and concerns! During our investigations, critical issues often come to light during manual Source Code Reviews. These are often logical, application-specific or complex errors that are difficult to identify from the outside. A Code Review shows the internal architecture, context and data flows of an application that are necessary to identify such problems, or at least much more efficiently.

In short, a Code Review provides good insight into the actual security quality of your application. What security vulnerabilities and points of attention are there? Has there been defensive programming, have security best practices been adhered to and how can problems best be solved (the root cause)?

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When a Source Code Review?

It's never too early or too late for a source code review. Our clients do this, for example, for applications that have been in production for years, have just been delivered or already in the interim during construction.

Preferably, a source code review takes place before an application is put into production and ideally it is an integral part of the sprints to identify and prevent errors at an early stage (Agile Security).

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