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Why we exist
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Experiences on the Internet vary between very rewarding and very disturbing. Making the Internet a valuable and enjoyable place is a responsibility we all share. Security plays an important role in this.

Security is a human challenge, a battle between two sides. We at Securify think, understand, work and live like real hackers, supporting you from this perspective in your ongoing battle against cybercrime.

Because we want you to safely use and enjoy the full potential of the Internet.

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Who we are

Our seasoned professionals have 100+ years of joint security experience and together they have supported 100+ organizations and performed 1000+ code reviews and pentests, from straightforward to highly sophisticated.

Our team consists of social engineers, white hat burglars, detection specialists, malware experts, Windows and Active Directory gurus, ethical hackers for Web & Mobile and security researchers.

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Prevention specialists

Based on our knowledge and experience, we believe that prevention is always better than to cure. Over the years we have become prevention specialists and developed a unique and risk-based approach based on continuous reality checks that do not compromise on speed or progress.

We want you to safely use and enjoy the full potential of the Internet.

Kees Stammes, Managing Director of Securify

Why Securify?

  • We ♥ customers

    We aim for delight: You will remember us best when we exceed your expectations. Our best work is the result of direct collaboration with our customers from an early stage.

  • Integrity

    We say what we mean, mean what we say. We work hard regardless of who is or is not watching. We push for perfection, but never at the expense of progress.

  • Strong


    Our customers will never love our work until we love it first. We feel honored that we can collaborate with talented colleagues and exciting customers.

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Proven Track Record

In our research work for major brands and enterprises, we have successfully exposed serious vulnerabilities in some of their largest and most popular products. By collaborating with our clients to mitigate these risks, we could prevent abuse by cyber criminals.

We are proud of our work over the years, and how it has helped organizations to become more mature and responsible about security.

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High-profile clients

Many of the organizations we have worked with have reached a base maturity level in security over the years. By hiring us to simulate the most sophisticated and targeted attacks, they have further increased their maturity, awareness and resilience. This has enabled them to fully experience and learn from a real-world attack, stretching their organization’s prevention, detection and response capabilities to the limit.

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