Pen testingOne-off reality check

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  • Seasoned professionals

    World-class security experts perform the pentest.

  • Go the extra mile

    Including code reviews, detection advice and more.

  • Fit your context

    Impact determination for your specific business context.

  • Actionable findings

    Implementation-ready advice, presented by real humans.

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Why pentest?

You cannot evaluate your security if you do not test it. You will need a reality check to ensure that your priorities are correct and your risks are visible and controllable. Testing your own work is biased and therefore a risk in itself.

A pentest is a powerful tool for exposing security risks in your product and infrastructure at a certain moment in time. It immediately increases knowledge & awareness, and provides you with actionable insights to defend against real-world threats.

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The attacker mindset

Cyber criminals do not follow the happy path that you have created. They are extremely creative at finding alternative ways into your system, and often succeed.

All our experts have this same attacker mindset. They are equipped with the capabilities and tools to perform highly sophisticated attacks to test your web app, mobile app, (cloud) infrastructure, phishing awareness or WiFi. They can write specific malware aimed at your organization and collaborate to identify the weak spots. All in an ethical and legally approved way.

They focus on the areas that matter for your business, explaining the ‘why’ and sharing concrete, actionable advice.

During a scenario-based pentest, we simulate a highly sophisticated attack on your infrastructure. The findings are usually a huge wake-up call, motivating you to increase your resilience.

Kees Stammes, Managing Director of Securify

Your test options

  • Time-boxed

    Pentest based on low-hanging fruit and popular attacks that are relevant to your business.

  • Normal

    White-box, grey-box or black-box pentest within your desired scope, including a presentation and detection advice.

  • Scenario-based

    Extensive scenario-based pentest for the sophistication level of your choice.

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Three levels of attack

We want to play a fair game because then we can enable you to learn the most. Depending on your maturity level, we offer three levels of attack, with the last one stretching you to the limit of preventing, detecting and recovering from the attack.

  • Low (e.g. CEO fraud)
  • Medium (e.g. Targeted Ransomware)
  • High (e.g. APT)
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Mobile roots

We were the first mobile security testers in the Netherlands. Reverse engineering and the attacker’s mindset are deeply rooted in our DNA. Over the years this has enabled us to develop our own home grown tools to speed up our testing processes.

We are familiar with most SDKs, app protection, shielding solutions and OWASP standards.

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Web app expertise

We have performed more than 1000 code reviews of web apps. Many of our team members used to work as developers. Following their ambition, we helped them to become hackers. By sticking to standards like OWASP Security Verification Standard (ASVS), we add structure and measurements to our process. We like to be super concrete, so we do not end with a report filled with recommendations, but also provide the exact code fixes.

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