Scenario Based Pentest

Simulating real scenarios
  • Red Teamin aanval

    Stage a specific scenario

    We attack your organisation, while you try to defend & mitigate.

  • Evalueer mogelijkheden

    Measure capabilities

    Evaluate your detection & response capabilities.

  • Vergroot veerkracht door Red Teaming Test

    Increase resilience

    Learn from a specific scenario to minimize real damage from a real attack.

  • Test your greatest fear

    Are you unsure whether your organization can stop a major cyber attack on your organization and operation?


Run a Scenario

A scenario based penetration test is not like traditional penetration tests. Traditional penetration tests usually focus on discovering vulnerabilities using a very limited scope, covering only a narrow aspect of the organization’s IT landscape.

Scenario based penetration tests have a bigger (organization wide) scope, and have different goals, namely: how resilient and/or mature is the organization to defend against real world attacks.

Using a Red Team engagement you usually emulate a certain threat actor by performing a cyber-attack on the whole organization following the tactics and methodologies of selected threat actor(s). With a scenario based pentest you are able to run a specific scenario's and are able to by-pass certain steps. If you want us to investigate a scenario from for example a server, we don't need to setup phising but start with a leg-up right away.

Our team

Meet your opponent

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned and highly motivated professionals will test your organisation against real life scenarios.

We compose our team based on the following expertise that suits your scenario.

  • Team lead
  • Whitehat burglar
  • Social engineer
  • Windows and Active Directory guru
  • Monitoring specialist
  • Malware expert

During a scenario based pentest, we simulate a highly sophisticated attack on your organization. The findings are usually a huge wake-up call, motivating you to increase your resilience.

Kees Stammes, Managing Director of Securify

Choose a specific scenario

Based on active threats in your industry.

  • Ransomware Scenario

    Can we lock your files
  • Insider threat

    Insider threat Scenario

    Employee gone rogue
  • Custom Scenario

    Tailor made

After a scenario based pentest

After a scenario based pentest, depending on the findings and exposed risks, there is more or less work to be done: vulnerabilities must be repaired and risks adequately reduced. Where necessary, we advise clients on repairing vulnerabilities found and making adjustments to the software and organization.

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