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  • Continuous

    Embed inline security code reviews in your sprints. Not just once per year.

  • Catch early

    Identify security defects early to save time and rework costs.

  • Managed

    Team of leading appsec experts available through one contact person.

  • Insights

    Focus on self-improvement for developers & stakeholders.

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Secure products at agile speed

Your team innovates at agile speed, delivering continuous product releases to keep up with demanding customers and the market. But security checks often lag behind, which introduces security risks and unnecessarily slows you down.

The Automation Gap graph

The automation gap

Automation is just a part of the solution, although often sold otherwise. Did you know that only a third of the security risks is detected by automated scans? Focusing on automation only will leave attackers with plenty opportunities to compromise your touchpoints.

The ultimate teammate

With Agile Security you will have world-class security knowledge available when you need it. All our team’s knowledge becomes available through one contact person. So instead of finding an expert yourself or working with a contractor, you will basically hire the ultimate security expert with 100+ years of experience, who has reviewed millions of lines of codes and secured thousands of mission-critical applications, enabling him to recognize and fix security bugs fast. Try finding such an employee through a recruiter!

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Predictable Pricing

The cost of security can become very unpredictable, especially when you have no clear visibility on your threats and risks. We offer you inline prevention for a fixed price per month, based on your product’s size and team velocity.

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Measure. Improve. Demonstrate.

  • Actual threat model of your product
  • Real-time insight in security status
  • Track security performance indicators
  • Knowledge base of flaws and fixes
  • Based on the OWASP ASVS standard
  • Available through our portal

Empower your organisation

  • Balance product progress & security
  • Security assurance of agile releases
  • Prevent last-minute surprises
  • Predictable cost structure
  • Catch & prevent defects early

With Agile Security you can deliver high-quality and secure products at agile speed.

David Vaartjes, Co-founder of Securify

Client case: Beerwulf

Average fix time graph

Focus on what matters

Security is not about a yearly checkup to stay in line with legislation, but about continuously staying in control of risks that could harm your organization, your brand and your customers.

Flexibility is key in everything we do, so we apply the agile principles in security land. We evaluate & prioritise risks continuously, based on the latest threats for your organisation.

We have done this for large corporations as well as SMEs, offering support contracts that match your product size, risk profile and team velocity.

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Security for everyone

We want to make it easy for development teams of any size to have direct access to the security expertise needed to deliver demonstrably secure products, without compromising on innovation power, agility and speed.

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Security code review

During a code review, our experienced specialists will check your source code on vulnerabilities and other points of improvement. Security code reviews have always been part of our core business, so our team has a rich experience with nearly all popular programming languages and frameworks.

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