Continuous security code reviews for Agile teams

Secure rapid innovation

Security often struggles to keep up with the rapid code releases produced by dev teams. The classic periodic pentest has been the norm for years but is not a perfect fit when you ship new features at high speed.

Security in your slipstream

When you want to go fast and secure, you need early security feedback right in the slipstream of development to catch security defects before they are released.

An agile approach not only prevents last-minute surprises and keeps you at speed but also is highly effective in raising the security awareness within your teams. Because feedback drips in over time and is very specific, it sticks around and isn’t perceived to be overwhelming.

So, are there any errors or concerns? Immediately identify and submit them to the security backlog so product owners and the team can get started.

Risk based testing

Agile goes fast so security validation has to as well. To be fast and early you need to focus on the security validation sweet spot, which is source code. And to succeed an aggressive risk-based approach is needed. Focus on the things that matter and automate the automatable. Support by technology is crucial here.

Know that only about 20% of your code-base deals with security, the rest is very important as well but not so much from a security validation point of view. The technology we build to label and track hotspots in a code base is one of the key elements in our workflow. It helps us to analyse and forecast the potential risk impact of code changes, which is vital. Though it might feel a bit contradicting at first, Agile security is all about - testing less to secure more.

Key element

A super-efficient and targeted review process, forecasting the risk impact of changes, raising awareness on the go and the frictionless exchange of feedback have proved to be key success factors.

And next to that, stay practical and demonstrate your product’s awesome security quality to your stakeholders now and then. ;)

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