Solvinity acquires a majority share in Securify

Amsterdam, September 6, 2021 – Solvinity, today announces a strategic partnership with Securify, specialist in agile security, pen testing and red teaming. Securify will continue to operate as an independent company under Solvinity, which acquired a majority share.

Securify is a Dutch cyber security specialist. The company has a focus team of very experienced security experts, who extensively test the security policies of a broad spectrum of Dutch and international companies. Securify also assists agile development teams in the development of secure applications.

Hans van den Broek, CEO of Solvinity, is very happy with the new partnership, which is a logical consequence of Solvinity’s business strategy. “As a provider of Secure Managed IT Services we have a very solid reputation when it comes to good and secure services for many years. Our strategic partnership with Securify now allows us to grow further by offering new security services. The agile security initiatives of Securify, for example, fit perfectly with our own DevSecOps services. Conversely, customers of Securify can benefit from Platform as a Service services that Solvinity offers in the areas of cloud transformation, application management and user services."

"This is not only great news for everyone at Securify and Solvinity, but also for our customers and all those organisations that want to continue innovating quickly and with proven security."

Cengiz Han Sahin, co-founder of Securify:

“This cooperation offers many advantages and enables us to continue our strong growth and ambitions. Both parties bring strength, knowledge, resources and service portfolios in this cooperation that can strengthen each other enormously. Solvinity has distinguished itself for years and is a top specialist in the field of security. By bringing together our service portfolio and expanding it, we expect to be able to guarantee our customers a safe digital environment on all fronts.”

David Vaartjes, co-founder of Securify:

“This is not only great news for everyone at Securify and Solvinity, but also for our customers and all those organisations that want to continue innovating quickly and with proven security. I see this as a wonderful step in our mission to provide centrally managed security from A to Z.”

Securify was founded by Yorick Koster, Cengiz Han Sahin and David Vaartjes. Vaartjes will continue to manage Securify, together with Kees Stammes, who was appointed Managing Director earlier this year. Cengiz Han Sahin, former co-director, will stay on as Research Director and will continue to provide both Securify and Solvinity with strategic advice. Together with Yorick Koster, he will also focus on the development of another company of the founders that focuses on mobile payment fraud protection and threat intelligence.

About Solvinity

Solvinity provides Secure Managed IT for organizations with high security requirements. With innovative solutions in the public, private and hybrid cloud, outsourcing, managed hosting and the Lango workplace, Solvinity supports companies and organizations in their digital transformation. In addition, the company provides CI/CD, container technology and Stretched DevSecOps solutions for software developers. Solvinity distinguishes itself in the field of cybersecurity with certifications according to (inter)national standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, PCI/DSS and is the first managed service provider to be SOC 1 and 2 certified for the private and Azure cloud. Solvinity supplies to (national) government, including the Ministry of Justice and Security, municipalities and financial and business services, including Translink (public transport chip card), TNO, ING, Ahold and ONVZ. Solvinity has 300 employees and offices in Amsterdam, Assen, Amersfoort and Den Bosch. In 2020, the company achieved an annual turnover of 50 million euros. For more information, visit, or follow Solvinity on LinkedIn and [Twitter] (

About Securify

Securify helps organizations identify, remedy and prevent technical security risks through pen testing, red teaming assignments and security code reviews. The focus is on effective protection against the biggest business risks. Based on security roadmaps, code, (mobile) applications, infrastructure and the organization as a whole are optimally secured. Many companies - from start-ups to large banks - have been relying on Securify for years to properly secure their systems and (mobile) applications. With hundreds of penetration tests and security code reviews per year, the Securify team helps to properly secure the data of millions of Dutch people.

In addition, Securify provides an innovative vision on application security of (business) critical systems. The unique approach of Securify Inline enables development teams to deliver continuous, demonstrable and more secure software at an agile speed where security does not slow down. For more information, visit

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