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  • Code editor

    Agile Security

    Test your code en app

    Continuous code reviews for your agile dev team.

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  • Code editor

    Code Review

    Read the code

    Code review for your application.

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  • Archery target


    Test your app en infra

    One-off reality check of your production setup.

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  • scenariogebaseerde pentest

    Scenario Based Pentest

    Test a scenario

    Organizational reality check by simulating a scenario.

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  • Shark

    Red Teaming

    Test your infra en org

    Organizational reality check by simulating real attacks.

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From roadmap to execution

Risks impact organizations differently, allowing us to provide you with a tailored solution. Knowing your business best, we will create a prevention roadmap together. Time is money, so we focus on what really matters for your business: by exposing vulnerabilities, relevant abuse scenarios and other points for improvement.

Our approach is very cyclic en actionable, based on continuous measuring and agile best practices. Depending on your ever-changing situation and wishes, we can decide to emphasize one of the four pillars (code / app / infra / org) by deploying specific activities en services. For example, our Pentesting service is focused on the (mobile) app en infra (including cloud) pillars, while our Agile Security service will help you ramp up the resilience en awareness of the code your devs write. If we feel that you are ready to deal with a highly sophisticated threat, we would advise Red teaming, putting your entire organization to the test.

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