Values & Behavior


Securify has enshrined its values and behaviour in a code of conduct for its employees. This code of conduct is published in its entirety below.

The truth is: we just do cool stuff with cool people. In more words: we are open minded, trust each other's judgments and are open to feedback. We are technically skilled following our passion, often self-taught and eager to learn, with a hacker’s mindset. When we face difficulties because we lack knowledge, we take time to investigate and search, before asking questions.


We have a hands-on mentality and don’t give up, because we have an intrinsic drive to improve every day. In case we are still stuck, we will ask questions: our colleagues will be eager to support us. This way, we are continuously improving our skill set.

We take ownership of our projects and feel responsible for the company. We are innovative and flexible and together we move cybersecurity forward by continuous innovation of premium security testing services to help organizations build faster and launch better and more secure products. We stay ahead of the bad guys.

Check here our information security policy

How we behave and interact

This is what we stand for

  • Take responsibility. Remember that you are responsible for the work that you do, and for making your work a success.
  • Only hack when under signed contract. As a pentester you are held to the highest standards of ethics.
  • Do a thorough and complete job. Don’t cut corners to finish early. If you have concerns about time allotted, contact a manager or teamlead right away.
  • Know your client. Introduce yourself to your point of contact. Make sure the client knows how to contact you, and you know how to contact the client, at all times.
  • Communicate. Communicate with your teammates, your client, and your managers regularly throughout the course of an engagement.
  • Know your limitations. Never go beyond your own limits. Ask for support.
  • Treat all others with respect. This includes clients, colleagues, and enemies.
  • Address your colleagues. Dare to address colleagues if they do not follow Securify standards.
  • Own your mistakes. Take responsibility for your mistakes and respond without delay. Immediately talk to a manager or teamlead and come up with a plan. Mistakes are made by everyone, it's all about communication and responsibility afterwards.
  • Try first and try harder before reporting a problem. But if you get stuck, ask for support with specific questions.
  • Share your knowledge. Your experience will benefit our company.
  • Read the Information Security Policy. Act on it.
  • Exercise common sense. If you have to make a decision, do what is best for the company.
  • Above all, have a lot of fun with your colleagues while making the world a safer place.