Error messages of Websense Content Gateway are vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting


It was discovered that the error messages of Websense Content Gateway process user-controllable data insecurely, rendering these pages vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting. Cross-Site Scripting allows an attacker to perform a wide variety of actions, such as stealing the victim's session token or login credentials, performing arbitrary actions on the victim's behalf, and logging their keystrokes.

Tested versions

This issue was discovered on Websense Triton v7.8.3 and Websense appliance modules V-Series v7.7. Other versions may be affected as well.


This issue is resolved in TRITON APX Version 8.0. More information about the fixed can be found at the following location:


Websense Data Security Suite contains three modules - Data Security Gateway, Data Discover, and Data Endpoint - that can help manage the risk of losing your data to malicious users or accidental misuse.

Error messages displayed in Websense Content Gateway may include user input. It appears that this input is not properly encoded, rendering the error messages vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting.


An example of a vulnerable URL parameter is the admin_msg parameter. The value of this parameter is a Base64 encoded error message. It is possible to include HTML and scripting code in the message, which is used as-is in the resulting error page. An attacker can construct a specially crafted HTML response, that must be encoded using Base64 and appended to the following URL:


An attacker must trick victims into opening the attacker's specially crafted link. This is for example possible by sending a victim a link in an email or instant message. Once a victim opens the specially crafted link, arbitrary client-side scripting code will be executed in the victim's browser. The attacker-supplied code can perform a wide variety of actions, such as stealing the victim's session tokens or login credentials, performing arbitrary actions on their behalf, logging their keystrokes.

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