Securify core story

We provide reality checks to improve cyber security resilience

In today’s world, your organization has an ever-growing online presence and a lot of data to protect. Staying in control of your security is a growing challenge. Your products & services change continuously due to incoming customer feedback and a requesting market. Security tends to lag behind or even block progress.

The key to gaining control in security is building up resilience against cyber threats, without compromising on speed or progress.

Creating a great online experience for your customers is the result of many small actions and changes by individual employees. By writing code, applications are created, running on an infrastructure, delivering the product or service you envision to empower your organization.

At each of these four pillars, security risks can be introduced. Without a proper security testing strategy in place, these risks will stack over time and expose serious business risks to your organization. By increasing resilience for each of these individual pillars, you can increase your overall resilience against threats.

We believe that continuous reality checks are needed to understand your real-world risks, in order to act appropriately. Risks impact organizations differently, allowing us to provide you with a tailored solution. Knowing your business best, we will create a security roadmap together. Time is money, so we focus on what really matters for your business: by exposing vulnerabilities, relevant abuse scenarios and other points for improvement.

Our approach is very cyclic & actionable, based on continuous measuring and agile best practices. Depending on your ever-changing situation and wishes, we can decide to emphasize one of the four pillars (code / app / infra / org) by deploying specific activities & services. For example, our pentesting service is focused on the (mobile) app & infra (incl. cloud) pillars, while our inline code reviews will help you ramp up the resilience & awareness of the code your devs write. If we feel that you are ready to deal with a highly sophisticated threat, we would advise red teaming, putting your entire organization to the test.

At Securify we believe that security is a human challenge. Security is a battle between two sides. As we research this environment for more than a decade, we think, understand, work and live like real hackers, but wear a white hat for the good cause, supporting you.

Because we want you to safely use and enjoy the full potential of the Internet.

Our core story was also recorded by "Nederland Maakt Het" - RTLZ program (in Dutch).

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