Toogethr and Securify Partner on Agile Security Testing

Toogethr, the Dutch next-gen mobility platform operating in the Benelux and Germany, has partnered with Dutch security provider Securify to give their security a boost while expanding into new markets at the same time.

The deal means that Toogethr will embed Securify's capabilities into its agile development cycle to ensure its products are security-tested rigorously and continuously. The result is a shorter time to release new products and a higher level of security. This approach has been validated with several clients of both Securify and Toogethr.

Joost Blatter, Chief Product Officer at Toogethr, is excited about the new partnership: "The close collaboration with Securify enables us to embed continuous security into our product development. This has become essential in answering one the most frequently asked questions by our customers: ‘How are you keeping my data safe, all the time?’ In modern agile development with lots of tiny releases, an early and fast security feedback loop, to verify every change we make is key to minimize security risks to unprecedented low levels. A comforting thought for me and our customers who can rely on safe mobility products."

David Vaartjes, co-founder at Securify, said: "Organizations like Toogethr are challenged to accelerate innovation and time to market, in industries that demand a high standard of security and reliability. This is exactly why we designed our Agile Security platform: to support modern development teams to deliver high-quality, secure products without compromising innovation power and speed."

About Toogethr

Mobility innovation is booming. The Toogethr platform has everything you need to get your corporate mobility off the ground. We keep your workplaces accessible, decrease the impact of the commute and contributing to sustainable goals.

At Toogethr, it is our mission to empower the new generation of travelers. With a young and dynamic international team, we develop digital tools to simplify and enhance everyday commuters' experience.

Since our founding in October 2016, we have successfully impacted the field of mobility around the Netherlands, Belgium and now Germany. Currently, we are seeking to explore the rest of Europe and the world.

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About Securify

Securify is one of the most experienced cybersecurity outfits in The Netherlands. Our specialists focus on helping organizations to safeguard their online presence and improve their overall security posture. We entirely focus on agile application security, penetration testing, red teaming, and technical security consulting with specialized services and a team of leading technical security experts.

With our innovative agile security platform, we make it easy for software development teams to infuse their workflow with the expertise and technology needed to deliver high-quality, secure products at speed.

Securify is based in Amsterdam and founded in 2012 by security engineers of various Dutch financial institutions.

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