Vision & Mission


We envision a world where disruptions from digital threats are mostly prevented. Actual disruptions are rare and manageable because security is built-in, configured in, and part of business as usual without being a distraction.

How do we get there? Securify provides advanced preventive security solutions, by independently verifying and validating the resilience of organizations, infrastructures, applications and code.

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Digital information is everywhere in our society. That information is processed, transformed, stored, and exchanged through a variety of systems that in the end, all run on code. Code could influence whether a train should take the left or right track, whether a gate should open or close, or anything else from valves and sensors to office operations, financial transactions and supply chains.

On a typical day, there is going to be code, written into a product, which will run on infrastructure, so that it can finally empower an organization and benefit people. At these each of these four levels, security risks may be introduced. Without proper security testing, these risks will accumulate over time and lead to serious business risks for organizations. Regular reality checks at all levels will help stay in control of these risks, ultimately reducing disruptions and bringing down costs.

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