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Securify cybersecurity

Securify was founded in 2013 by people with a passion for preventive security and it has steadily grown from a start-up to a serious business. Since 2021, Securify is majority-owned by Solvinity, adding value to Solvinity’s managed IT services in addition to servicing its own customers independently. At its core, Securify remains a group of technical experts working to improve preventive security in a variety of industries.

Online experiences can vary from very rewarding to very disturbing. Making the Internet a valuable and enjoyable place is a responsibility we all share and security plays an important role in that endeavor.

Security is a technical as well as a human challenge: a battle between two sides. It requires one to understand their adversaries and think like them. With this perspective, Securify provides organizations with long term support in their ongoing battle against cybercrime, preventing bad things from happening.


Securify is a diverse group of people: social engineers, white hat burglars, detection specialists, malware experts, Windows and Active Directory gurus, ethical hackers for web and mobile, cloud aficionados, security consultants and researchers, and many more who won’t be put into neatly defined categories.

These seasoned professionals have 100+ years of combined security experience. They have supported hundreds of organizations and performed thousands of code reviews and pentests, ranging from straightforward security reviews to more complex red and purple team exercises and sophisticated attacks simulating nation-states.

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