Securify appoints Erik de Jong as Strategic Advisor

Security expert strengthens Securify with focus on portfolio expansion of preventive security services

Amsterdam, October 18, 2022 – As of January 1 Securify, expert in security testing and part of managed service provider Solvinity, welcomes Erik de Jong as Strategic Advisor. In this role, he will focus on expanding cloud security expertise and setting up a new Cloud Business unit. In addition, as part of the management team, he will be jointly responsible for strategy and innovation within fast-growing Securify.

“We are very happy with the arrival of Erik”, says Kees Stammes, Managing Director at Securify. “He is a real all-rounder who has proven himself at GOVCERT and Fox-IT. With his knowledge of the market, we can work towards a leading position in preventive security. In addition, Erik will make more public appearances with Securify, so that a wider audience can get to know our qualities.”

Erik has gained more than 25 years of expertise in information security in government and industry, including at GOVCERT (predecessor of the NCSC), where he was one of the founders of the national cybersecurity image that analyzes and interprets threats at the national level. Before that, he focused for ten years at Fox-IT on shaping incident response, a branch of sport that was still in its beginnings at the time.

Securify is a dynamic company with in-depth expertise that makes organizations more resilient", says Erik de Jong. "In this period of strong business growth, I would like to provide both service and added value for customers to a higher level. This also applies to the collaboration with Solvinity, in which the portfolio on both sides has a lot of potential to strengthen each other.”

About Securify

Securify helps organizations identify, remedy and prevent technical security risks through (Scenario Based)Pentesten, red teaming assignments and security code reviews. The focus is on effective protection against the biggest business risks. Based on security roadmaps, code, (mobile) applications, infrastructure and the organization as a whole are optimally secured. Many companies - from start-ups to large banks - have been relying on Securify for years to properly secure their systems and (mobile) applications. With hundreds of penetration tests and security code reviews per year, the Securify team helps to properly secure the data of millions of Dutch people.

In addition, Securify provides an innovative vision on application security of (business) critical systems. The unique approach of Securify Inline enables development teams to deliver continuous, demonstrable and more secure software at an agile speed where security does not slow down. For more information, visit Securify.

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